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New Website, New Workshop

November 8, 2013 at 13:46


It’s been quite some time since I had grafsnowboards.com up and running and doing anything meaningful. I put this down to my busy last 4 years, in which I’ve simultaneously started an IT business and become a father to 2 kids. That didn’t leave any time for snowboard building or writing about snowboard building !

New Workshop


Our old workshop building was sold and we moved out in June. The new place is incredible. We’re on the 5th floor of an old former spinning mill. Luckily for me there’s a cargo elevator to get the machines up. The building is 100% hydro electric powered, with the power generated right there onsite. We’re at the bottom of one of the closest resorts to Zürich, with a 5 minute drive to the chair. This is gonna get fun.

I’ve set up an office in the same building so that I can try and combine my day job with snowboard building, and get this site back on track – and more importantly build some sweet rides. Can you believe it, I didn’t build myself a snowboard since 2003.

I’ll start adding content again to this site, my intention is to do it all new, and try and demonstrate different levels of build to suit all budgets – from all-singing all-dancing CNC to heated pneumatic press down to simple jigsaw, plywood and fridge pump – it’ll be fun to go back to that level too and document a build process which works at the most basic level.

It’s good to be back !